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All offerings are available at time of posting but cannot be guaranteed to remain so and must be verified for availability.

USA Woods International, Inc., was established in 1989 by President, Ron Carlsson, to supply the international lumber market.  With over 28 years experience, we have the expertise to anticipate and react to the intricacies of the international trade of hardwood lumber.  By offering hardwoods from Appalachian, Northern and Southern regions, USA Woods is able to obtain specific colors and textures that a buyer might require.  Our goal is to aid our customers in  purchasing a wide variety of hardwood lumber economically with an assurance of  high quality.

  • 4/4 White Oak (Export FAS)

  • 4/4 White Oak (Comsel)

  • 4/4 White Oak (2A Common)

  • 6/4 White Oak (Export FAS)

  • 8/4 White Oak (Export FAS)

  • 4/4 Red Oak (Export FAS)

  • 4/4 Black Walnut (Export FAS)

  • 6/4 Black Walnut (Export FAS)

  • 4/4 White Ash (Export FAS)

  • 4/4 White Ash (2A Common)

  • 4/4 Cottonwood / Poplar (Export FAS)

  • 5/4 Cottonwood / Poplar (Export FAS)

  • 4/4 Hard Maple (Export FAS)

Subject to prior sale.  Contact us by e-mail or phone for species, thicknesses and grades not listed above.

USA Woods International, Inc.


To contact us:

Phone: 901-753-7718

Fax: 901-753-7815


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